Enviroclean Tips on Cleaning

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Spray and Wipe Tip

When doing general bench and table cleaning always start the job with a clean rinsed and wrung out damp microfibre cloth.

If you do this task with a dry cloth you will end up with white smear marks everywhere when it dries. Remember also spray the product onto the cloth and not the surface and keep the cloth rinsed out and wrung out as it builds up with dirt again.

Glass Cleaning Tip

When doing general interior mirrors and glass panels. The vinegar and water spray solution works adequate with the blue microfibre cloth with the blue squares on it. However if the sun sees the glass at anytime then a squeege must be used.

Mop Odours

When doing general floor Mopping it's a great idea to wring the mop out very well and turn the bucket upside down, Spin the mop and let it splay out over the bucket when the job is finished. This will let the mop dry so that the germs in the mop can't multiply causing unpleasant odours on the site and when you use it next.

The Time Saver tip

This is really important... Have a good look at the site you clean. Think about how many times you walk in and out of a room. If you are going in and out of a room twice then you are wasting your precious time. You should carry the items on you for dusting at the same time as you empty the bins. The only other time you should return is for the vacuuming or mopping. Double handling will cause you to have to rush.

How to prevent area missing

When doing general cleaning try working from the right side entry door and go around the building anticlockwise when you get back to the entry door left side you have missed no rooms on the outer walls. The next step is look for inner walls and do the same thing with them. Don't just skip from room to room all over the place or you will miss things.

Why do I get high dusting complaints?

Always go through at least once per week and look up around the corners and on top of high horizontal areas. Cleaners get in the habbit of only looking down... Try and stop yourself from developing this habit, it's a great way to stop a common complaint from clients.

How to not miss areas #2

Another tip is every now and then start the other way and go clockwise and you will see things that need cleaning that you may have been missing.