Frequently Asked Questions

What cleaning services do you provide?

Enviroclean Australia provide Environmentally friendly commercial cleaning.

What property types do you serve?

We serve a variety of property types in industries such as commercial, education, healthcare, industrial, retail and other specialty industries. To learn more about our services and property types, visit our Cleaning Services page.

Why should I work with Enviroclean?

We are an industry leader and innovator of new systems for our industry. With almost two decades of experience serving commercial facilities just like yours. Our dedication to training, open and clear communication, accountability, consistency, safety, and green cleaning are just part of what make us different from our competitors. We also have great people with smiling faces working on the front lines and behind the scenes to ensure that your experience with Enviroclean is always excellent.

Do your cleaners speak English?

Communication is vital and all clients are serviced by cleaners and Quality Control Inspectors who are fluent in English.

Can Enviroclean supply all my consumables?

Yes! We offer a wide range of specialty services, including but not limited to: Paper good, office consumables and because we are so large we have a very good buying power to ensure you get the best savings.

How does your pricing compare with your competitors?

We make no apologies, we are not the cheapest however we are committed to providing high-quality commercial cleaning services at top value and the most affordable solution. With our high employee retention rate, consistent quality cleaning, commitment to ongoing training, quality assurance procedures, and strong emphasis on communication and accountability, you’ll find that we provide real bang for your buck and zero risk.

What areas do you service?

We have a few offices: a corporate office in Carole Park and branch offices mainly for training and interviews at Coopers Plains, Toowoomba, Bundaberg and Brisbane CBD. These offices serve regions throughout Queensland from South East to Toowoomba and far north as Bundaberg.

Does Enviroclean practice “green” cleaning?

We clean all our buildings using many green certified chemicals and green cleaning processes.

How do we identify your crew members when they are present in our facility?

We recognise that it’s important to know who’s who in your facility. That’s why each Envirocleaner is required to wear a uniform and picture ID badge in plain sight.

Top 3 Questions you should be asking

Will I be locked into a 12 month contract?

Enviroclean Australia provide Environmentally friendly commercial cleaning with no risk to the client. We are so confident that our systems and cleaner selection process works that we only ask for a months’ notice to end your service. No penalties. Zero risk!

Will you be cleaning the kitchen with the same cloth as the toilet?

Unlike other states of Australia, QLD does not have a mandatory policy to prevent this, QLD do not have inspectors visiting cleaners to ensure the policy is upheld like other states. Therefore Enviroclean enforce a colour coded cleaning system to prevent cross contamination. We use red cloths and equipment for toilets, green for kitchens and blue for general areas to keep you safe.

Are your cleaners insured?

Enviroclean Australia has a 20 million cover and all cleaners are insured.


The information provide in this Frequently Asked Questions page is current and accurate at the time publishing this page. If you have any concerns regarding commercial cleaning services, contact Enviroclean Australia on 1300-692-404. If you have any concerns relating to your health and intolerance to chemicals and cleaning products that may be used, please contact your health professional.

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